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Do I need a Passport and what information do I need?

Most places out of the country require passports except Puerto Rico.  Hawaii is part of the States and does not require a passport.  However, if you take a cruise that departs from the United States, you do not need a passport, but do need an original birth certificate.  But be careful, if you miss the cruise ship during docking, you cannot fly out of another country without a passport.


I've never traveled and don't know what to expect.  What can I expect?

Once you book your trip with an agent, most documents will be sent to your email; your agent will let you know.  You need to look for the E-Document and print it.  This is the ticket you bring to the airline counter along with your passport. 

Most airlines allow one luggage a person to check in and usually most be under 50 lbs.  Please go to the website of your airline carrier and check the details

Also, your travel concierge will provide you a tip sheet to help your travel run smoothly.  At times, we may even give you details about the resorts favorite restaurant and suggest excursions you should not miss.


I'm worried about how to get around and find those that provide our transfers.

These are explained in your E-Documents.  Your travel agent may provide more detailed information and advise you to avoid time share solicitors


What is the proper attire for dinner?

It really depends on the resort you travel to.  Again, your travel concierge will give you advise.  If the resort has specialty resorts, sometimes there are dress requirements.  To be on the safe side, we advise you to bring casual clothes.  Most restaurants will not allow beach shoes and ask men to wear pants and closed in shoes (sometimes mens dress sandals).  Bring one pair of pants / shoes and a change of shirts for each night; change your clothes after dinner for nightly entertainment.

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